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Benefits of Treating Sleep Apnea with an Oral Appliance Instead of a CPAP Machine

Oral ApplianceIf you go to a physician with obstructive sleep apnea questions, they will often reply with the benefits of a CPAP machine. We agree, forced air while you sleep will help, but there could be an easier solution. At All Smiles Sleep Solutions, we work to discover why the patient is experiencing a cessation of breathing and then offer solutions that are right for them.

A CPAP machine is kind of a one-size-fits-all in obstructive sleep apnea treatment. It will help you get the oxygen you need through forced air. The downside of a CPAP machine is that it's loud, cumbersome, and difficult to travel with. Many patients find them to be irritating, and that can lead to them being used rarely or for a short term. We want to help you find a solution that fits better with your lifestyle with increased comfort and easier use.

There are oral appliances designed to increase your airway and help you breathe better while you sleep. They can be as simple as wearing a custom oral device, without all the bulky machinery.

Though they can vary in product names, types of material, and styles, most oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnea can be categorized as:
•  Oral Mandibular Advancement: Made of hard plastic, this device is designed to pull your lower jaw forward. With no tubes or wires extending from it, it entirely fits in your mouth. This will help the tissues relax in the back of your throat and open the passageway to better breathing.
•  Mouthguard: Mouthguard, or sleepguard. This device is customized to fit over your teeth. Similar to the mandibular advancement, a mouthguard will firm the structure of your mouth and bring the lower jaw forward, though to a lesser degree.
•  Tongue Retaining Device: For patients with slightly larger tongues, or tongues that tend to slip backwards while you sleep, we can retain, or hold the tongue in place with this device. It is a splint for the tongue, designed to hold it still while you sleep.

Oral Appliance Advantages

The advantages of wearing an oral appliance while you sleep to help you breathe better are abundant, for both your health and your comfort. This includes:
•  Better intake of oxygen while you sleep.
•  Allow your body to reach and maintain good REM without waking due to lack of oxygen.
•  Allow your body to drop in blood pressure while you sleep as it should.
•  Sleep without the bulky, uncomfortable machinery of a CPAP.
•  Easy to wear, and easy to take with you when you travel or sleep away from your home.
•  Increased comfort, which means you’re more likely to wear it more often.

We invite you to learn more about the options available for oral appliances to help with obstructive sleep apnea. We can help you avoid the bulky machinery of CPAP while getting the night’s rest you need. For more information, contact our Land O’Lakes office at 813-723-4224
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